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Ojo Shashu – Photography for the Afterlife: Alluring Hell

19 December 2014 – 11 March 2015

Foam presents a major solo exhibition of the famous Japanese photographer Araki. ARAKI Ojo Shashu – Photography for the Afterlife: Alluring Hell gives a distinct reflection on Araki’s oeuvre, renowned for the master’s perpetual focus on daily life and his intertwining themes of Life (Sex) and Death. The exhibition comprises both his notorious early work, as well as the very recent series qARADISE that has never been shown in the Netherlands before. The Wunderkammer has created a still-life for the exhibition based on the intertwining themes.

In qARADISE Araki returns to what might be might be called one of his recurring themes: the flower arrangement. But the flowers in ‘qARADISE’ are actually decaying flowers which are inhabited by severely damaged dolls: cracked, broken or smeared with red paint. Araki’s paradise seems to have been transformed into a murky place of decay. The pictures mirror Araki’s acceptance of, as well as his resistance to decline. The reversal is reinforced by the spelling of paradise, with an inversed ‘q’.

The Wunderkammer has been asked to create a piece for the LINK room of the exhibition, based on the theme of Life/Death and inspired by qARADISE.

The result is a large installation of dried plant material, where the beauty of flora is preserved and life continues through. “People often throw away their bunch of flowers when it starts to turn brown, but it can be exciting to see, how cut flowers dry, crumble, fade and turn itself in an artwork by nature, – renewing its own beauty” – Florian Seyd

The LINKROOM is initiated by FoamLab and links the work of ARAKI to other disciplines and artists. Based on four series, four LINKs are shown aiming to show ARAKI in a different perspective. The Wunderkammer’s still-life links with the first room qARADISE (paradise), one of the four series.

 The exhibition ARAKI Ojo Shashu – Photography for the Afterlife: Alluring Hell can be visited from 19 December 2014 – 11 March 2015 at Foam. Open daily 10 am – 6 pm, Thurs/Fri 10 am – 9 pm. Tickets: € 11.


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